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  • Purchasing your new SSL certificate is incredibly simple. All you need to perform is submit the submission form within your Website Control Panel. There’s no need to get an account using a third–party company, there’s no need to waste time waiting for days and nights for your SSL to become all set.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • We have successfully got rid of the demand for personally setting up the SSL Services for your websites. On the condition that a domain name is hosted in your account with us, you’ll have your new SSL certificate conveniently installed and set up for you to work, without the need for any kind of regular adjustments on your end.

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  • The 24x7 support staff is constantly on the line, capable to assist you. Should you have queries about your SSL certificate, or simply need assistance setting it up for your personal website, we’re there to guide you. What’s more, we offer an typical answer time of less than 20 mins.

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year 2 years
Regular SSL $19.00 $38.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00 $218.00

SSL Services with 900Domains.com

An SSL certificate adds a quite convenient protection coating to your websites. If you happen to own an Internet store and collect funds, then an SSL Certificate can be a must–have given that it can enormously boost customer’s faith in your web site.

With the help of 900Domains.com, you can buy a new SSL Certificate directly from your web hosting Control Panel. And, in case your domain name is hosted with us, we’ll rapidly configure the SSL Certificate instead of you. No additional set–up or manual setting are necessary.

Other than the ordinary SSL Services, you can also get a Wildcard SSL certificate. The Wildcard SSL Certificate can be installed on a plenty of hostnames simultaneously. This is extremely convenient to be able to secure different web sites simultaneously.

SSL Services, either basic and wildcard, which you can get from 900Domains.com, come with a proper 2048–bit data encryption with a $10 000 USD warranty.You can acquire an SSL certificate with all of our web hosting services – hosting plans, VPS plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans.

Whois Privacy Protection

Guard your own personal WHOIS details

According to ICANN regulations, the WHOIS information associated with your domain name is publicly exposed and your personal or business information can be viewed on the World Wide Web by everybody. To help you hide your domain registration information from the public, 900Domains.com offers you a WHOIS protection feature at a truly attractive price. Within the Domain Manager, simply select the domain that you want to protect and then click on the Whois Privacy Protection button on the right to activate this feature.

You should remember that this specific service is available solely with these particular TLD extensions: .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .pro, .cc, .net, .we.bs, .com and .org.

Whois Privacy Protection

Specify Custom DNS Records

Edit a variety of DNS records

At 900Domains.com, we give you total authority over your domain names’ DNS resource records. Via the Custom DNS section of the Domain Manager, you can update different DNS records for a chosen domain. For instance, A, AAAA, MX, NS, SRV, CNAME and TXT records. To set a new resource record, just choose a domain name and then enter the desired value in the respective record field. To update the record – click ’Modify’; to go back to the original value – click ’Revert’.

Through the GeoIP location tool, also included in the Custom DNS section, you will be able to show a particular language version of your website to visitors from a given geographic area.

Specify Custom DNS Records

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Easily register a wide range of domain names

Registering several domain names all at once can be a tough project. This is the reason why we offer a bulk domain registration tool built into our web hosting Control Panel. It enables you to quickly register lots of domains at once.

You will be able to enable Whois Privacy Protection, to modify your WHOIS info, to decide whether to host the given domain in your hosting account or not.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Speedily put together location–dependent redirects

In our Domain Manager you can find an intuitive tool, which will enable you to filter out your website traffic based on the visitors’ physical whereabouts. With our GeoIP location tool, you can effortlessly set up location–based redirects and send your visitors to specific sections of your website. For instance, you will be able to forward the US traffic to your index page, and the traffic coming from Spain to a sub–domain – es.your–website.com, for instance.

With this easy–to–use tool, you’ll no longer need to write dozens of lines of code in your .htaccess file. Everything is carried out by the tool itself.

GeoIP Redirection Tool
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  • .NET - $14.50/year
  • .ORG - $14.50/year
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