ClientExec is a multi-functional billing and support platform for small and medium-sized web hosting service providers. It will allow you to take care of the billing section of your reseller business easily via an easy to navigate web interface. With just a couple of clicks, you can create and manage invoices, choose a payment processor or a domain/SSL supplier, put prices for the website hosting plans that users can purchase on your web site, and so on. You can also view performance stats and create various automated tasks just as easily. The support section of ClientExec will allow you to provide ticket support to all your customers 24/7 and to install a tailor-made knowledge base. If you have employees, you'll also be able to give them accessibility to multiple sections of your platform, depending on their position - support or sales representatives, managers, administrators, etcetera. ClientExec is an overall solution, that can help you start and take care of a winning reseller hosting business without any difficulties.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in VPS Servers
ClientExec is among the freebies which we supply with each VPS servers package that is obtained with cPanel. If you do not already have a different app or you do not plan to spend extra money on one, we will install a registered copy of ClientExec on the server in no time. You will not have any sort of restrictions as to what features you can access or the amount of time you can use it, therefore you will have a complete billing and support solution as long as you use your VPS. As we also provide a zero cost eNom domain reseller account, you can take advantage of ClientExec with it and link them with just a couple of clicks, as the app contains an eNom plugin. Using our cPanel-based VPS plans, you will have all that you'll need so that you can launch a prosperous reseller business with the least investment and effort.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in Dedicated Servers
We offer ClientExec gratis with all our dedicated server plans. The sole condition is that you need to order the server with the cPanel web hosting Control Panel, because the two pieces of software should be used together. You will not need to pay us even a dime for ClientExec and we'll give you a registered copy of the application without any restrictions in terms of the sections and functions you can access or the length of time in which you can use it. To facilitate the start-up of your reseller business, you will be able to link ClientExec with the eNom domain name reseller account, which we'll also provide you with without charge, so you will find everything you need from the very beginning and in a single place. When you get the app from a vendor, you will have to pay a couple of hundred dollars, not to mention that you have to install it yourself afterwards, while if you take advantage of our offer, we can install it for you.